9/11/2022 Friday  11h55  to 11h30

Mr Alberto Hananel Baigorria



Universidad de Granada

https://ctivitae.concytec.gob.pe/appDirectorioCTI/VerDatosInvestigador.do id_investigador=95007

Variational Evolutionary Splines for Solving a Model of Temporomandibular Disorders 

 The aim of this work is to modelize the occlusion of a person with temporomandibular disorders as an evolutionary equation and approach its solution by the construction and characterizing of discrete variational splines. To formulate the problem, certain boundary conditions have been considered. After showing the existence and the uniqueness of the solution of such a problem, a convergence result of a discrete variational evolutionary spline is shown. A stress analysis of the occlusion of a human jaw with temporomandibular disorders by finite elements is carried out in FreeFem++ in order to prove the validity of the presented method.