Four years of scientific computing using FreeFEM in the field of computational biomedical engineering 

Mojtaba Barzegari, Laura Lafuente-Gracia, Liesbet Geris 

Biomechanics Section, Department of Mechanical Engineering, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium 

Over the past four years, the open-source finite element solver FreeFEM has been extensively used in the computational biomechanics research unit ( for a wide range of simulations and modeling studies in the field of computational biomedical engineering and in silico medicine. FreeFEM integration with a couple of powerful scientific computing tools and libraries, such as PETSc, HPDDM, Mmg (and ParMmg), Tetgen, METIS (and ParMETIS), SCOTCH, etc., allowed us to take advantage of this open-source domain-specific language efficiently in the development of multiple types of computational models. This benefit has been boosted by the available features to work with various mesh formats, allowing us to use FreeFEM codes in different stages of our modeling workflows. 

In this talk, a brief overview of the following carried out research works, with FreeFEM being part of the modeling workflow, will be presented: