ReadSettings For Python

Easily create, edit and remove a customized settings file which you can use for storing all of the settings for your application. At the moment, ReadSettings is compatible with Python 3 but support to more programming langauages may come in the future.


Start by cloning the repository with Git (or downloading it)

git clone
cd readsettings-python
git checkout bb52a3724a0ba0eb1c339fe8ef73a181ef298711 .


Then move or copy /project/py into your project directory

:: Windows Batch Example
cd project
copy /V C:\Users\Richie Bendall\Desktop\Files\MyProject\


Remember to import readsettings first!

import readsettings


Command Name Explaination Syntax
New File Create a new settings file newfile(newsettingspath)
Rename File Remove an existing settings file renamefile(settingspath, newfilename)
Remove File Rename an existing settings file removefile(settingspath="appconfig.settings")
New Value Create a new value in an existing settings file newvalue(settingspath, newvaluename, value)
Read Value Read a value in an existing settings file readvalue(settingspath, valuename)
Change Value Change a value in an existing settings file changevalue(settingspath, valuename, newvalue)
Change Value Name Change the name of a value in an existing settings file changevaluename(settingspath, valuename, newname)
Raw Lines Fetch the raw content of an existing settings file rawlines(settingspath)

Open Source

ReadSettings For Python is open source on GitHub.

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