Richie Bendall's Website

ROS Code

A revolutionary, modern and pleasing programming language featuring a streamlined and speedy installation, a very straightforward and simplistic syntax and is provided as a Python 3 library.

It's the website you're viewing this content in right now. It's also open source on GitHub.

ROS Cursor Scheme Previewer

ROS Cursor Scheme Previewier is a Material Design website which allows you to preview the cursors in your cursor scheme.

ROS Calculator

An advanced calculator for the web featuring material design and allows scientific equations.

ReadSettings for Python

Easily create, edit and remove a customized settings file which you can use for storing all of the settings for your application. At the moment, ReadSettings is compatible with Python 3 but support to more programming langauages may come in the future.

Background Music Greenscreen

Allows you to embed a url in your videos which will automatically play music from this Youtube video. This also changes the background colour of the website to be the green screen colour

Does It Work?

Lets you check what web features are available in your browser.

ROS FileSystem Watcher

A VB.NET application which watches over the filesystem on your computer and logs all changes to your files. This includes creation, deletion, moving and renames.

HTML Form Elements

An easy way to preview all the different HTML form elements with copyable snippets of code.

ROS Encryption

This is a website featuring Material Design and is used to encrypt text.

Media Downloader

A simple tool to download any type of media file from YouTube or other sources.

ROS Online Text Editor

A simple text editor for the web featuring Material Design and a few customization options.

Git Files

A .gitignore and .gitattributes file containing ignore and attribute code for all programming languages, automatically updated daily.

VirusShare Hashes

Every single VirusShare MD5 hash in a single file, ready for distribution and CI integrations.

ROS QuickScan

ROS QuickScan is a tool for checking single files against a list of hashes provided by VirusShare Hashes.

Jython Builds

Jython 2 and 3 pre-built, ready for easy distribution and continuous integration.

Web Example

An example website with simple boilerplate code for starting out with building for the web.

Captcha Example

An example website for demos and finding out how Google's Recaptcha services for the web work. The site features Recaptcha 2.0 and Invisible Recaptcha.