Setting Generator
For Inky-Calendar Project of Ace-Innovation Laboratory (by aceisace)
If no value is filled in for any of the row, the default value will be used.

Please insert your own Openweathermap API-key to fetch the latest weather info. To find out how to create your own key, please click here: Creating an openweathermap api-key. If you don't add an api-key, the top section will not show any weather info


Location refers to the closest weather station from your place. It isn't necessarily the place you live in. To find this location, type your city name in the search box on openweathermap. The output should be in the following format: City Name, Country ISO-Code. Not sure what your ISO code is? Check here: (find iso-code)


Calibration refers to the process of flushing the display with a single colour to prevent 'ghosting' (an effect specific to E-Paper displays where the remnants of the previous image can be seen on the current one). It takes several minutes to finish the calibration(around 10 mins for the 2-colour displays and around 20 mins for the 3-colour displays) so please choose hours where you are less likely to need the display. It is recommended to calibrate at least thrice a day.

Insert your personal details and preferences and click on 'Generate'. Copy the downloaded file to the Raspberry Pi and place it in: '/home/pi/Inky-Calendar/settings/' (inside the settings folder within the Inky-Calendar folder. Lastly, reboot the Raspberry Pi to apply the changes. You can also manually run the software with: python3 /home/pi/Inky-Calendar/modules/

Developed by Toby Chui for Inky-Calendar Project, modified by aceisace. Licensed under MIT
MIT License

Copyright 2019 Toby Chui
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