This specification defines a vocabulary and resource shapes for the quality management domain.


This specification defines a vocabulary and resource shapes for OSLC Quality Management resources. The intent is to define resources needed to support common integration scenarios and not to provide a comprehensive definition of quality management artefacts. The resource formats may not match exactly the native models supported by quality management service providers, but are intended to be compatible with them. The approach to supporting these scenarios is to delegate operations, as driven by service provider contributed user interfaces, as much as possible and not require a service provider to expose its complete data model and application logic.

OSLC Quality Management 2.1 resource relationship overview


Terminology is based on OSLC Core Overview [[!OSLCCore3]], W3C Linked Data Platform [[!LDP]], W3C's Architecture of the World Wide Web [[WEBARCH]], Hyper-text Transfer Protocol [[!HTTP11]].


In addition to the namespace URIs and namespace prefixes oslc, rdf, dcterms and foaf defined in the OSLC Core specification, OSLC qm defines the namespace URI of with a namespace prefix of oslc_qm

This specification also uses these namespace prefix definitions:

Quality Management Vocabulary Terms

This specification defines the **root** superclass, and a number of specific, commonly occurring subclasses, properties and values. Servers may define additional **root** subclasses and provide additional properties as needed.

Quality Management Resource Constraints

Resource: TestPlan

Test Plan...

Resource: TestScript

Test Script...

Resource: TestCase

Test Case...

Resource: TestResult

Test Result...

Resource: TestExecutionRecord

Test Execution Record...

Change History

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01 07/06/2016 Jim Amsden Initial CSPRD01
02 08/08/2018 Gray Bachelor Minor edits and checks for V2.1