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include the most complex concepts required to understand the material.


Suppose we have a logistic regression \(Y_i | X_i \sim Bern(p_i)\) where \[log(p_i/(1-p_i)) = \mu + \theta X_i.\]

We will assume that \(X_i \in {-1,+1}\), and assume priors for \(\mu\) and \(\theta\): \[\mu \sim N(0,100)\] \[\theta \sim N(0,1)\]

For illustration we simulate data where \(\mu=\theta=0\):

x = sample(c(-1,1),1000,replace=TRUE)
y = rbinom(1000,1,0.5)

#b is a vector b=(mu,theta)
#loglikelihood for logistic regression
loglik = function(b){
  eta = b[1]+b[2]*x
  p = exp(eta)/(1+exp(eta))

#b is a vector b=(mu,theta)
log_prior = function(b){
  return(dnorm(b[1],0,10, log=TRUE)+dnorm(b[2],0,1,log=TRUE))

#b is a vector b=(mu,theta)
log_post = function(b){

Let’s compute a 95% CI for \(\theta\). First try a discrete grid

Note: This is still a work in progress.

m = seq(-10,10,length=100)
t = seq(-2,2,length=100)
df = expand.grid(m=m,t=t)
#df = c(df,dplyr::ddply(df,log_post))



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