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For Stats 1 Class

Emma Fontenot - Guides at University of Houston
E-Bookshelf for UH Libraries
Mendeley - Reference Manager and Personal PDF Library
Zotero - Reference Manager and PDF Manager
"Omit needless words"--Excerpt from Strunk's The Elements of Style - Susan Weiner's Blog on Investment Writing

For Homework 1 and Beyond

Summation Notation
Set Symbols
POLS6480-Fall2020-UH-lab/Resources at master · tomhanna-uh/POLS6480-Fall2020-UH-lab
Introduction to Logarithms

Data & Research Sources

Home - Political Science Resources - Research Guides at University of Houston
Home - Political Science - Research Guides at University of Houston-Clear Lake
Home :: SSRN
Country Profiles - International Relations - LibGuides at Michigan State University Libraries
Leadership in Research-Real World Issues | Evans School of Public Policy and Governance
ParlGov · parties, elections, cabinets
Manifesto Project Database
Comparative Agendas
CSES | Comparative Study of Electoral Systems
Paul Hensel's International Relations Data Site
Party Facts
Lowy Global Diplomacy Index
ERIC - Education Resources Information Center
{font-size: 24pt; color: #333333; font-weight: bold }The First Use of Violent Force Project

Miscellaneous Stats and Math

Coefficient of Determination (R-Squared) - MATLAB & Simulink
Quantifying the Qualitative: Information Theory for Comparative Case Analysis - Katya Drozdova, Kurt Taylor Gaubatz - Google Books
Introduction to Mediation Analysis | University of Virginia Library Research Data Services + Sciences
Choosing Between a Nonparametric Test and a Parametric Test
Calculus 3 Visualizations | Amit A Savkar
Lesson 9: Data Transformations
Poisson distribution - Maximum likelihood estimation
Dyadic Analysis (David A. Kenny)
Scientists rise up against statistical significance


GitHub Pages | Websites for you and your projects, hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.


TexStudio / TexMaker and Github - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
Doing Your Homework in LaTeX - Josh Davis
Crash Course in LaTeX for Windows
Beamer and citations
LaTeX Templates
longtable - Help with long table from Stargazer - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
LaTeX tables - Tutorial with code examples
Top 5 ways to get more out of Mendeley – Mendeley Blog
Causal Graphs in LaTex - Daniel Kumor
Doing and reporting your first mediation analysis in R
RPubs - Introduction to Sweave (R and LaTeX)
TikZ and PGF examples
TikZ examples feature: Trees

R and R Studio

Home | Read the Docs
An Introduction to R
RStudio Tutorial - How to Import & Transform Data? - DataFlair
R Tutorial For Beginners
swirl: Learn R, in R.
Convert logit to probability – Sebastian Sauer Stats Blog
This R Data Import Tutorial Is Everything You Need (article) - DataCamp

R Markdown


How to Create a Word Cloud in R | Analytics Training Blog
Scatter Plot | R Tutorial
Data Visualization with ggplot2
9 Useful R Data Visualization Packages for Any Discipline
ŷhat | 10 R packages I wish I knew about earlier
Quick-R: Correlograms
Welcome to a Little Book of R for Multivariate Analysis! — Multivariate Analysis 0.1 documentation
Learn the tidyverse - Tidyverse
The tidyverse style guide
matrix - R memory management / cannot allocate vector of size n Mb - Stack Overflow
ROC Curves in Two Lines of R Code (Revolutions)
Generate ROC Curve Charts for Print and Interactive Use
RPubs - Regressions with panel data
10 things R can do that might surprise you · Simply Statistics
rOpenSci | Packages
The lavaan Project
CRAN - Package bife
knitr - Elegant, flexible, and fast dynamic report generation with R - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉

Journals and writing

"Omit needless words"--Excerpt from Strunk's The Elements of Style - Susan Weiner's Blog on Investment Writing
Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis
Guide to Academic Publishing with Prof. Michael Munger
Manuscript Submission Guidelines: International Political Science Review: SAGE Journals
General Instructions | International Studies Review | Oxford Academic
American Political Science Association > PUBLICATIONS > APSA Preprints
Step by Step Guide to Reviewing a Manuscript | Wiley
Zombie Nouns and Verbs: Why Nominalizations and Passives May Be Killing Your Writing
Ranking IR Journals | Duck of Minerva


Mobile - The Daily Cougar
Home - Cooglife
FDIS Home - University of Houston
Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) - University of Houston
Political Science Department
Student Health Center - Healthy Coogs Portal
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