Struct owapi::v3::achievements::GeneralAchievements [] [src]

pub struct GeneralAchievements {
    pub decorated: bool,
    pub blackjack: bool,
    pub centenary: bool,
    pub undying: bool,
    pub level_10: bool,
    pub the_path_is_closed: bool,
    pub level_50: bool,
    pub level_25: bool,
    pub decked_out: bool,
    pub survival_expert: bool,
    pub the_friend_zone: bool,

General achievements.


Decorated achievement.

Earn 50 postgame medals.

Blackjack achievement.

Earn 21 postgame cards.

Centenary achievement.

Win 150 games.

Undying achievement.

Get a 20 player kill streak in a game.

Level 10 achievement.

Reach level 10.

The Path is Closed achievement.

Destroy 3 of Symmetra's Teleporters in a single game.

Level 50 achievement.

Reach level 50.

Level 25 achievement.

Reach level 25.

Decked Out achievement.

Collect 50 unlocks for a single hero.

Survival Expert achievement.

Use Health Packs to heal 900 health in a single life.

The Friend Zone achievement.

Play a game in a group with a friend.

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