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What if a feed, but it's a mailbox?


Use assemble_mail() once for each entry.

Consult main.rs for example parsing and maildir delivery.



feembox [-v] [-t FROM:TO:HOW]... [-f MIME] [MAILDIR] [FEED]
feembox [-v] [-t FROM:TO:HOW]... [-f MIME] [MAILDIR] < feed.xml


feembox represents an (RSS/Atom/JSON) feed as a mailbox in the maildir format.



Deliver to the specified directory instead of the CWD

Parents must exist, all directory and its subdirs will be created as necessary


Read the feed from the specified file instead of stdin

If "-" use stdin, otherwise must exist and be a file

-v --verbose

Print what's happening to the standard output, if specified twice: print parse debugging information.

-t --transfrom <FROM:TO:HOW|FROM;TO;HOW>...

Define an alternative transformation invocation HOW from the mime-type FROM to the mime-type TO.

If the post content type matches FROM, "/bin/sh -c HOW" ("cmd /C HOW" on NT) is executed, its standard input tied thereto, and standard output to the buffer for the new multipart/alternative part TO.

The separator between FROM, TO, and HOW is the platform's path list separator (i.e. ";" on NT and ":" elsewhere).

Can be specified multiple times, in which case each transformation is invoked once, in order, on the current set of parts.

-f --force <MIME>

Force the post content type to be MIME, overriding what's specified therein.

This is done before any transformations.

Some feeds specify they're text/plain but are HTML, this can be used to massage them right.


1option parse error
2feed file open failed
3feed parse failed
4maildir subdirectory read failed
5existing mail open(2)/mmap(2) failed
6creating a MAILDIR/tmp or MAILDIR/new failed
7formatting mail failed
8creating/writing/delivering mail failed


Turndown (here: https://github.com/domchristie/turndown/pull/209 lightly patched to always read from stdin), can be used to turn HTML feeds (i.e. most of them) into usually pretty readable plaintext:

P:\Rust\feembox>cat test-data/util-linux-newer.atom |   target\debug\feembox -vt text/html;text/plain;turndown feedir
~/code/feembox$ cat test-data/util-linux-newer.atom | ./target/debug/feembox -vt 'text/html:text/plain;charset=utf-8:~/code/turndown/bin/turndown.js' feedir
<stdin>: feed ID mailto:util-linux@vger.kernel.org, title "Util-Linux Archive on lore.kernel.org", updated 2020-05-18T11:41:20+00:00
25 entries:
    entry ID                                       title                                                                    updated                    published
    urn:uuid:d2c69230-d7ba-e4cf-ee51-2b25d53119a1  "Re: [PATCH] util-linux: Some minor fixes in some manuals"               2020-05-18T11:40:38+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:d9e31d9a-5d6c-8403-9661-2d303e6fb24a  "Re: [PATCH] Fix dead references to kernel documentation"                2020-05-18T11:39:59+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:dccd47a2-d327-df9b-7ad1-9218d08a8349  "Re: Consistency fixes in util-linux man pages"                          2020-05-18T10:36:15+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:ba1cf039-280f-f33d-199d-86f5a9c1bb1b  "Re: Consistency fixes in util-linux man pages"                          2020-05-18T08:28:25+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:98e3d4cd-17c1-ac1d-3dd9-7bbe87f6402e  "[PATCH] Fix dead references to kernel documentation"                    2020-05-17T15:13:35+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:68946069-8d16-0362-57e6-feba21ebbecb  "Consistency fixes in util-linux man pages"                              2020-05-16T08:25:11+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:94158972-3786-e3c6-7e0a-dec2988cd32b  "[PATCH] ipcs.1: ipcs no longer needs read permission on IPC resources"  2020-05-16T08:10:32+00:00  N/A
    urn:uuid:37f8f0a9-d285-b8f9-5269-6eeb2475f9ba  "plan for v2.35.2"                                                       2020-05-15T13:05:16+00:00  N/A

Delivering urn:uuid:ba1cf039-280f-f33d-199d-86f5a9c1bb1b to feedir/new/1591610344.M981513P12500Q1.nabuter
Delivering urn:uuid:d2c69230-d7ba-e4cf-ee51-2b25d53119a1 to feedir/new/1591610346.M86312P12500Q2.nabuter
Delivering urn:uuid:d9e31d9a-5d6c-8403-9661-2d303e6fb24a to feedir/new/1591610347.M339148P12500Q3.nabuter
Delivering urn:uuid:dccd47a2-d327-df9b-7ad1-9218d08a8349 to feedir/new/1591610348.M505433P12500Q4.nabuter

Special thanks

To all who support further development on Patreon, in particular:



This module contains the configuration of the application.


Various utility functions.



Make a mail for the specified entry from the specified feed, running transformations and overrides