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FLAC encoding via libFLAC FFI


There are two supported libFLAC back-ends:

flac-sys tries to link to a libFLAC already present on your system, but it doesn't do a very good job, and might need some help by copying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libFLAC.so (Debian), $MSYSROOT\mingw64\lib\libflac.dll.a (msys2), or equivalent to target/{debug,release}/deps as libflac.so/libflac.dll.a/&c. (note the lowercase).

libflac-sys tries to build libFLAC; this is a problem because it (a) doesn't work all that well (at all) under GNU/NT, and (b) requires the host system to have both CMake and a C toolchain funxional.

Downstreams are encouraged to expose these features to the user.


let mut outf = File::create("ЦшЦ.flac").unwrap();
let mut outw = WriteWrapper(&mut outf);
let mut enc = FlacEncoder::new().unwrap().compression_level(8).init_write(&mut outw).unwrap();

// The following two calls are equivalent for a two-channel encoder
enc.process(&[&[0xA1], &[0xF3]]).unwrap();
enc.process_interleaved(&[0xA1, 0xF3], 1).unwrap();

// If you don't care about errors that may arise when writing the final frames,
// you can just drop the encoder; or you can inspect them:
match enc.finish() {
    Ok(mut conf) => {
        // Encoding succeeded, a new encoder can be initialised in the same place and memory
        enc = conf.compression_level(0).channels(1).init_stdout_ogg().unwrap();
        // &c.
    Err(enc) => {
        eprintln!("Encoding failed: {:?}", enc.state());

Special thanks

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The stream encoder can encode to native FLAC, and optionally Ogg FLAC (check FLAC_API_SUPPORTS_OGG_FLAC) streams and files.


Wrapper around a FLAC encoder for configuring the output settings.


This wrapper is necessary due to fat pointers.



Possible erroneous return values for the FlacEncoderConfig::init_*() functions.


State values for a FlacEncoder.