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html 2fb7126 markellekelly 2021-02-10 automatic update - 2021-02-10
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html cd704c7 markellekelly 2021-02-08 automatic update - 2021-02-08
html 8572861 markellekelly 2021-02-07 automatic update - 2021-02-07
html c15e62d markellekelly 2021-02-06 automatic update - 2021-02-06
html 5154336 markellekelly 2021-02-05 automatic update - 2021-02-05
html 3f25ae7 markellekelly 2021-02-04 automatic update - 2021-02-04
html 20f2a4d markellekelly 2021-02-03 automatic update - 2021-02-03
html 1d54e6a markellekelly 2021-02-02 automatic update - 2021-02-02
html 1e58c04 markellekelly 2021-02-01 automatic update - 2021-02-01
html 583b310 markellekelly 2021-01-31 automatic update - 2021-01-31
html df666bc markellekelly 2021-01-30 automatic update - 2021-01-30
html 7f882e0 markellekelly 2021-01-29 automatic update - 2021-01-29
html 579408c markellekelly 2021-01-28 automatic update - 2021-01-28
html c484e26 markellekelly 2021-01-27 automatic update - 2021-01-27
html 71f9a7e markellekelly 2021-01-26 automatic update - 2021-01-26
html ba3d3ce markellekelly 2021-01-25 automatic update - 2021-01-25
html c44b8da markellekelly 2021-01-24 automatic update - 2021-01-24
html 1039ab8 markellekelly 2021-01-23 automatic update - 2021-01-23
html fe37e7c markellekelly 2021-01-22 automatic update - 2021-01-22
html 2273581 markellekelly 2021-01-21 automatic update - 2021-01-21
html 4d696ab markellekelly 2021-01-20 automatic update - 2021-01-20
html 9d8d764 markellekelly 2021-01-19 automatic update - 2021-01-19
html 847ffd7 markellekelly 2021-01-18 automatic update - 2021-01-18
html bccf59f markellekelly 2021-01-17 automatic update - 2021-01-17
html 96e62a6 markellekelly 2021-01-16 automatic update - 2021-01-16
html bd0505d markellekelly 2021-01-15 automatic update - 2021-01-15
html 0ca0428 vnminin 2021-01-14 changed lag from 11 to 5 days and increased spacing between dates
html d3dd038 vnminin 2021-01-14 not sure what I changed in about page
html fe24c63 markellekelly 2021-01-14 automatic update - 2021-01-14
html a5b4d5a markellekelly 2021-01-13 automatic update - 2021-01-13
html d3b8a7b markellekelly 2021-01-12 automatic update - 2021-01-12
html 81f8f8d markellekelly 2021-01-11 automatic update - 2021-01-11
html d874af5 markellekelly 2021-01-10 automatic update - 2021-01-10
html 1d2a964 markellekelly 2021-01-09 automatic update - 2021-01-09
html a4ad937 markellekelly 2021-01-08 automatic update - 2021-01-08
html 66fcd57 markellekelly 2021-01-07 automatic update - 2021-01-07
html f5bcd16 markellekelly 2021-01-06 automatic update - 2021-01-06
html c125818 markellekelly 2021-01-05 automatic update - 2021-01-05
html 0ac3d5a markellekelly 2021-01-04 automatic update - 2021-01-04
html e823760 markellekelly 2021-01-03 automatic update - 2021-01-03
html 97c4d33 markellekelly 2021-01-02 automatic update - 2021-01-02
html c7dc180 markellekelly 2021-01-01 automatic update - 2021-01-01
html 9c6ccc3 markellekelly 2020-12-31 automatic update - 2020-12-31
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html 7826b90 markellekelly 2020-12-29 automatic update - 2020-12-29
html d50b839 markellekelly 2020-12-28 automatic update - 2020-12-28
html bfda24c markellekelly 2020-12-27 automatic update - 2020-12-27
html a154af4 markellekelly 2020-12-26 automatic update - 2020-12-26
html dcd525f markellekelly 2020-12-25 automatic update - 2020-12-25
html 6644b37 markellekelly 2020-12-24 automatic update - 2020-12-24
html 35209de markellekelly 2020-12-23 automatic update - 2020-12-23
html 49a1837 markellekelly 2020-12-22 automatic update - 2020-12-22
html ac4b4f8 markellekelly 2020-12-21 automatic update - 2020-12-21
html 497d09e markellekelly 2020-12-20 automatic update - 2020-12-20
html 892917f markellekelly 2020-12-19 automatic update - 2020-12-19
html b3b8c9b Jessica George 2020-12-18 Update times for OC maps
html 2b1530e markellekelly 2020-12-18 automatic update - 2020-12-18
html dc0429c Jessica George 2020-12-18 Updated maps
html 85af75a markellekelly 2020-12-17 automatic update - 2020-12-17
html aa6455b markellekelly 2020-12-16 automatic update - 2020-12-16
html 0ee5762 markellekelly 2020-12-15 automatic update - 2020-12-15
html 9668f9d Damon Bayer 2020-12-14 Publish new city result
html b4a2c23 markellekelly 2020-12-14 automatic update - 2020-12-14
html 2b09f1a Damon Bayer 2020-12-14 misc fixes
html 575459b markellekelly 2020-12-13 automatic update - 2020-12-13
html bd2faf6 markellekelly 2020-12-12 automatic update - 2020-12-12
html 04bc64a markellekelly 2020-12-11 automatic update - 2020-12-11
html 76448e0 markellekelly 2020-12-10 automatic update - 2020-12-10
html bc96ef6 markellekelly 2020-12-09 automatic update - 2020-12-09
html aabffb7 markellekelly 2020-12-08 automatic update - 2020-12-08
html ebff46d markellekelly 2020-12-07 automatic update - 2020-12-07
html 1268ef5 markellekelly 2020-12-06 automatic update - 2020-12-06
html 5267b99 markellekelly 2020-12-05 automatic update - 2020-12-05
html 25fffe6 markellekelly 2020-12-04 automatic update - 2020-12-04
html f08a457 markellekelly 2020-12-03 automatic update - 2020-12-03
html 2fdb3fd markellekelly 2020-12-02 automatic update - 2020-12-02
html 116465c Jessica George 2020-12-01 oc-city-changes
html b6a39bf markellekelly 2020-12-01 automatic update - 2020-12-01
html a5466ed markellekelly 2020-11-30 automatic update - 2020-11-30
html ceb22c2 markellekelly 2020-11-29 automatic update - 2020-11-29
html c9f55bd markellekelly 2020-11-28 automatic update - 2020-11-28
html ee86766 markellekelly 2020-11-27 automatic update - 2020-11-27
html 3083f07 markellekelly 2020-11-26 automatic update - 2020-11-26
html 13f2be0 markellekelly 2020-11-25 automatic update - 2020-11-25
html 42be784 markellekelly 2020-11-24 automatic update - 2020-11-24
html 85ee3ad markellekelly 2020-11-23 automatic update - 2020-11-23
html 34c1f94 markellekelly 2020-11-22 automatic update - 2020-11-22
html 28839c9 markellekelly 2020-11-21 automatic update - 2020-11-21
html be56dc4 markellekelly 2020-11-20 automatic update - 2020-11-20
html 3b70bd3 markellekelly 2020-11-19 automatic update - 2020-11-19
html f2d8202 markellekelly 2020-11-18 automatic update - 2020-11-18
html 22759c1 Damon Bayer 2020-11-17 Nov 16 Update
html 488493a markellekelly 2020-11-17 automatic update - 2020-11-17
html f43b0f8 markellekelly 2020-11-16 automatic update - 2020-11-16
html c5a66e5 Jessica George 2020-11-15 Coastal OC Color Adjustment
html 11522aa markellekelly 2020-11-15 automatic update - 2020-11-15
html c8e0e51 markellekelly 2020-11-14 automatic update - 2020-11-14
html 0ab8f6d markellekelly 2020-11-13 automatic update - 2020-11-13
html 39a5124 markellekelly 2020-11-12 automatic update - 2020-11-12
Rmd f2f3802 Damon Bayer 2020-11-12 Nov 9 Update + x-axis modification
html f2f3802 Damon Bayer 2020-11-12 Nov 9 Update + x-axis modification
Rmd 2c51830 Jessica George 2020-11-11 nov9-updates
html 2c51830 Jessica George 2020-11-11 nov9-updates
html 37750c4 markellekelly 2020-11-11 automatic update - 2020-11-11
html 337210b markellekelly 2020-11-10 automatic update - 2020-11-10
html ef5427d markellekelly 2020-11-09 automatic update - 2020-11-09
html ca57998 markellekelly 2020-11-08 automatic update - 2020-11-08
html c2f0040 markellekelly 2020-11-07 automatic update - 2020-11-07
html b9935a0 markellekelly 2020-11-06 automatic update - 2020-11-06
html 0521670 markellekelly 2020-11-05 automatic update - 2020-11-05
html 8ecb0d7 vnminin 2020-11-04 again resolved silly html conflicts
html c558b0d markellekelly 2020-11-04 automatic update - 2020-11-04
html ddd7d03 Jessica George 2020-11-03 nov2-updates
html f1efa15 markellekelly 2020-11-03 automatic update - 2020-11-03
html cdda3c8 markellekelly 2020-11-02 automatic update - 2020-11-02
html f0eb03d markellekelly 2020-11-01 automatic update - 2020-11-01
html 734187b markellekelly 2020-10-31 automatic update - 2020-10-31
html 5efa82f markellekelly 2020-10-30 automatic update - 2020-10-30
html 853af28 markellekelly 2020-10-29 automatic update - 2020-10-29
html 2977434 markellekelly 2020-10-28 automatic update - 2020-10-28
html ae0d991 markellekelly 2020-10-27 automatic update - 2020-10-27
html c03f470 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-26 Oct 26 updates
html e27692a markellekelly 2020-10-26 automatic update - 2020-10-26
html 179b482 markellekelly 2020-10-25 automatic update - 2020-10-25
html 80b8055 markellekelly 2020-10-24 automatic update - 2020-10-24
html 6b6f62e markellekelly 2020-10-23 automatic update - 2020-10-23
html ae64517 markellekelly 2020-10-22 automatic update - 2020-10-22
html 74c516b markellekelly 2020-10-21 automatic update - 2020-10-21
html 1d49990 markellekelly 2020-10-20 automatic update - 2020-10-20
html 0c2be58 vnminin 2020-10-19 rebuilt because some maps were not showing up
html 149bf66 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 Rebuild with changes
html 6dda957 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 New maps and city trends
html 08d1e37 markellekelly 2020-10-19 automatic update - 2020-10-19
html 9bfe943 markellekelly 2020-10-18 automatic update - 2020-10-18
html 78e874b markellekelly 2020-10-17 automatic update - 2020-10-17
html cb0af7f markellekelly 2020-10-16 automatic update - 2020-10-16
html 6214d3e Damon Bayer 2020-10-16 Full rebuild
html e295ddb Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC 5 Most Populous Cities comparison
html 604470a Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC cities comparison dropdown
html f475202 markellekelly 2020-10-15 automatic update - 2020-10-15
html 9542e72 vnminin 2020-10-15 rebuilt the website after la-norcal. -> la-norcal.html fix
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html 02325d6 markellekelly 2020-10-10 automatic update - 2020-10-10
html 699c993 markellekelly 2020-10-09 automatic update - 2020-10-09
html 2e3d5e3 markellekelly 2020-10-08 automatic update - 2020-10-08
Rmd f5fede4 igoldsteinh 2020-10-07 changed metric for percent positive tests
html f5fede4 igoldsteinh 2020-10-07 changed metric for percent positive tests
html ba2367e markellekelly 2020-10-07 automatic update - 2020-10-07
html c68c3ef markellekelly 2020-10-06 automatic update - 2020-10-06
Rmd cacac5c igoldsteinh 2020-10-05 update oc cities
html cacac5c igoldsteinh 2020-10-05 update oc cities
html 179221b markellekelly 2020-10-05 automatic update - 2020-10-05
html 615814b Damon Bayer 2020-10-04 Fix Stay at Home label location
html 6bd7330 markellekelly 2020-10-04 automatic update - 2020-10-04
html f305160 markellekelly 2020-10-03 automatic update - 2020-10-03
html c8bae6d markellekelly 2020-10-02 automatic update - 2020-10-02
html c829b01 markellekelly 2020-10-01 automatic update - 2020-10-01
html c81c8f5 markellekelly 2020-09-30 add oc-cities
html 522513d markellekelly 2020-09-30 automatic update - 2020-09-30
html c2e9a01 markellekelly 2020-09-29 automatic update - 2020-09-29
html 5ada0ac markellekelly 2020-09-28 automatic update - 2020-09-28
html 10029b4 markellekelly 2020-09-27 automatic update - 2020-09-27
Rmd d59635e igoldsteinh 2020-09-24 new data section in the about page
html d59635e igoldsteinh 2020-09-24 new data section in the about page
html 1453b97 markellekelly 2020-09-24 automatic update - 2020-09-24
html 8196bbf markellekelly 2020-09-23 automatic update - 2020-09-23
html fa99b64 markellekelly 2020-09-22 automatic update - 2020-09-22
html c661c7b markellekelly 2020-09-21 automatic update - 2020-09-21
html c926c92 markellekelly 2020-09-20 automatic update - 2020-09-20
html 805f322 markellekelly 2020-09-19 automatic update - 2020-09-19
html 2dfedff markellekelly 2020-09-18 automatic update - 2020-09-18
html 46d1c05 markellekelly 2020-09-17 automatic update - 2020-09-17
html 32397cb markellekelly 2020-09-16 automatic update - 2020-09-16
html 8a2d2d7 markellekelly 2020-09-15 automatic update - 2020-09-15
html 822d8a3 markellekelly 2020-09-14 automatic update - 2020-09-14
html ef2f2be markellekelly 2020-09-12 automatic update - 2020-09-12
html f0cfcae markellekelly 2020-09-11 automatic update - 2020-09-11
html 7ad9506 markellekelly 2020-09-10 automatic update - 2020-09-10
html 51bc9d4 markellekelly 2020-09-09 automatic update - 2020-09-09
html 0c63951 markellekelly 2020-09-08 automatic update - 2020-09-08
html cb3b11a markellekelly 2020-09-07 automatic update - 2020-09-07
html ac05fe5 markellekelly 2020-09-06 automatic update - 2020-09-06
html b42a33b markellekelly 2020-09-05 automatic update - 2020-09-05
html a61fdd8 markellekelly 2020-09-04 automatic update - 2020-09-04
html e2709b0 markellekelly 2020-09-03 automatic update - 2020-09-03
html 5296774 markellekelly 2020-09-02 automatic update - 2020-09-02
html 6048fdf markellekelly 2020-09-01 automatic update - 2020-09-01
html a27d38f markellekelly 2020-08-31 automatic update - 2020-08-31
html 74ceb0a markellekelly 2020-08-30 automatic update - 2020-08-30
html 44a84ad markellekelly 2020-08-29 automatic update - 2020-08-29
html 33918be markellekelly 2020-08-28 automatic update - 2020-08-28
html c2d1536 markellekelly 2020-08-27 automatic update - 2020-08-27
html c96e3f3 vnminin 2020-08-27 consistent message above trend plots
html cf421b9 markellekelly 2020-08-26 automatic update - 2020-08-26
html 9d099cd vnminin 2020-08-25 short dropdown menu names
html 726e8dc markellekelly 2020-08-25 automatic update - 2020-08-25
html e239a00 vnminin 2020-08-24 added a note about dropdown menus
html 518db49 Rachel Longjohn 2020-08-24 Merge branch ‘master’ into county-sets
html 2559f5d Rachel Longjohn 2020-08-24 add more county sets
html b79277f markellekelly 2020-08-24 automatic update - 2020-08-24
html f932f34 markellekelly 2020-08-23 automatic update - 2020-08-23
html eaad166 markellekelly 2020-08-22 automatic update - 2020-08-22
Rmd 8b79b5e vnminin 2020-08-21 added Andrew as an additional media contact
html 8b79b5e vnminin 2020-08-21 added Andrew as an additional media contact
html f30d34d markellekelly 2020-08-21 automatic update - 2020-08-21
html 7069376 markellekelly 2020-08-20 automatic update - 2020-08-20
html 223088a markellekelly 2020-08-19 automatic update - 2020-08-19
html 64a83bf markellekelly 2020-08-18 automatic update - 2020-08-18
html ae98627 vnminin 2020-08-14 daily date pull
html 24e4ed4 vnminin 2020-08-13 data update
html 616ee7e vnminin 2020-08-12 daily data update
html 8db6eb5 vnminin 2020-08-11 pushed a note about reporting system problems
html 0803f2b vnminin 2020-08-11 data update
html 19f2315 vnminin 2020-08-10 push with updated data
html a5927e7 vnminin 2020-08-09 rebuilding with new data
html 751c46f vnminin 2020-08-08 forgot to rebuild
Rmd 597d802 vnminin 2020-08-08 added Suellen Hopfer and Markelle Kelly to the group member list, swapped Andrew for Suellen as spokesperson
html fb0028a vnminin 2020-08-08 ca portal got data
html 9589b6d vnminin 2020-08-07 two time stamps
html 9648fc7 vnminin 2020-08-07 something
html 60756e0 Damon Bayer 2020-08-07 data update
html b3f0a7a vnminin 2020-08-06 rebuilding to fix testing not linking to itself
html 35e30c1 vnminin 2020-08-06 daily data update; I am a good robot
html 7334400 vnminin 2020-08-05 data update
html 6466f12 vnminin 2020-08-04 data pull and fixed the last date being cut off
html 5db0d2e vnminin 2020-08-03 data update
html 4afb037 vnminin 2020-08-02 forgot to republish
html e3847ed vnminin 2020-08-02 added testing maps
Rmd a2c2c61 vnminin 2020-08-01 added Software section to About
html a2c2c61 vnminin 2020-08-01 added Software section to About
html a873dd5 vnminin 2020-08-01 data update
html 8d0b6ce vnminin 2020-08-01 daily date update
html e024ad3 Damon Bayer 2020-07-31 Positivity Maps + Navigation Updates
html d621638 Damon Bayer 2020-07-31 Icons in navigation
html 490ebde vnminin 2020-07-31 daily data pull
html 4b572aa vnminin 2020-07-30 fixing Trends navigation
Rmd a8b89cf vnminin 2020-07-30 added maps sectio to About page
html a8b89cf vnminin 2020-07-30 added maps sectio to About page
html acc591d vnminin 2020-07-30 time stamp for maps
html a93ad42 vnminin 2020-07-30 now really changing filel name
html b785fc2 Damon Bayer 2020-07-30 Wider Maps page
html 7e4cb79 vnminin 2020-07-30 republishing just in case
html 244103f vnminin 2020-07-30 rebuilt just in case
html 9b1533f Damon Bayer 2020-07-30 Separate Maps Page
html cb818d8 Damon Bayer 2020-07-30 Added maps
html a4d0d51 vnminin 2020-07-29 pulling the most recent data from ca portal
Rmd c394748 vnminin 2020-07-28 not happy, but tired
html c394748 vnminin 2020-07-28 not happy, but tired
html cdd3081 vnminin 2020-07-28 still not happy
Rmd b03bd2f vnminin 2020-07-28 still not happy
Rmd c124229 vnminin 2020-07-28 not happy with mobile version
html c124229 vnminin 2020-07-28 not happy with mobile version
Rmd d9d640e vnminin 2020-07-28 making stat logo a little smaller
html d9d640e vnminin 2020-07-28 making stat logo a little smaller
Rmd 7d0bcf4 vnminin 2020-07-28 experimenting with spacing and sizing of logos
html 7d0bcf4 vnminin 2020-07-28 experimenting with spacing and sizing of logos
html 0590a7c Damon Bayer 2020-07-28 Even better colors
html a5a62c9 Damon Bayer 2020-07-28 Better Colors
Rmd db476c1 vnminin 2020-07-28 small About grammar edit
html db476c1 vnminin 2020-07-28 small About grammar edit
Rmd f770300 vnminin 2020-07-28 added links to logos
html f770300 vnminin 2020-07-28 added links to logos
Rmd 68acc48 vnminin 2020-07-28 added IDS logo
html 68acc48 vnminin 2020-07-28 added IDS logo
html 86b4d4a vnminin 2020-07-28 Build site.
Rmd d871090 vnminin 2020-07-27 completing merge
Rmd a00bcdd vnminin 2020-07-27 resized logos
html a00bcdd vnminin 2020-07-27 resized logos
Rmd 711a308 igoldsteinh 2020-07-27 proofreading
Rmd 1aad469 vnminin 2020-07-27 corrected typo
html 1aad469 vnminin 2020-07-27 corrected typo
html 7fbdfe8 vnminin 2020-07-27 completing merge
Rmd 0ec36bf vnminin 2020-07-27 added media bit to contact
html 0ec36bf vnminin 2020-07-27 added media bit to contact
html bb1619b Damon Bayer 2020-07-27 Some UCI Colors
Rmd 2964ef6 vnminin 2020-07-27 added joining the group to about
Rmd 7e96a35 vnminin 2020-07-27 added members to About page and more playing with logos
html 7e96a35 vnminin 2020-07-27 added members to About page and more playing with logos
Rmd 1f6de11 vnminin 2020-07-27 playing with logos
html 1f6de11 vnminin 2020-07-27 playing with logos
html abd9c55 Damon Bayer 2020-07-27 Update HTML
Rmd 01f6052 vnminin 2020-07-27 edits of About text
html 01f6052 vnminin 2020-07-27 edits of About text
html 84ab7e1 vnminin 2020-07-27 july 27 ca data update
html bab42bc vnminin 2020-07-26 triggering an update with latest data
Rmd 32001f7 igoldsteinh 2020-07-24 hopefully commented methods section
html f08c6cc Damon Bayer 2020-07-24 Watermark & Legend Fix
html eb680ce vnminin 2020-07-24 republishing to update plots
Rmd f07587a vnminin 2020-07-23 all plots start on the same date; moved subtitle to title
html f07587a vnminin 2020-07-23 all plots start on the same date; moved subtitle to title
html 9aa359e vnminin 2020-07-23 shortenting title for friendlier mobile version
html c14824c Damon Bayer 2020-07-23 Remove Home text
Rmd 4d981d1 vnminin 2020-07-22 started editing about
html 4d981d1 vnminin 2020-07-22 started editing about
html b4fb3ae Damon Bayer 2020-07-21 update 2020-07-21
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html 65c7195 Damon Bayer 2020-07-16 theme change
html 66110a1 Damon Bayer 2020-07-14 Initial Proof of Concept
Rmd 6151dc8 Damon Bayer 2020-07-14 Start workflowr project.


This is an effort to provide timely and understandable COVID-19 data visualizations to the public in Orange County, California. The effort is coordinated by the UC Irvine COVID Awareness Group, consisting of students and faculty from the following units at UC Irvine.


UC Irvine COVID Awareness Group Members:

Damon Bayer, Bernadette Boden-Albala, Isaac Goldstein, Suellen Hopfer, Markelle Kelly, Rachel Longjohn, Vladimir Minin, Andrew Noymer, Daniel M. Parker, Padhraic Smyth, Thanasi Bakis, Jessica George.

Contact information:

If you would like to know more about technical details and/or to join the group, get in touch with Prof. Vladimir Minin. For general media inquiries contact Prof. Suellen Hopfer and/or Prof. Andrew Noymer. If you are a media organization and would like to use our images, you do not need to ask for permission. Just don’t forget to acknowledge UC Irvine COVID Awareness Group. The content of this site is licensed under the most permissive creative commons license (click on License tab in the navigation bar to learn more).



Figures of county-wide cases, deaths and hospitalizations over time have been created with publicly available data from the California Open Data Portal. Cases and deaths are counted by date reported, rather than the date the test was administered or date of death (if someone is tested on Friday, and the positive result is reported the following Tuesday, the case is counted for Tuesday).

Maps of cases have been created with data provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency. If an individual tested multiple times, only the first positive test was counted as a case.

Figures of OC city cases, deaths and tests over time have been created with data provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency. We report cases and tests by date test administered, and deaths by date of death, as opposed to date reported. If someone was tested on Friday, but the positive result is reported the following Tuesday, for these city specific figures we count the case for Friday. This data is different than publicly available data in the California Open Data Portal. Because of reporting delays, these figures will be updated less regularly, and will be at least ten days behind the present.

Moving Averages

Our figures present 7 day moving averages. This means that, for cases on July 7th, for example, we report the average number of cases per hundred thousand people during the period July 1st to July 7th. On July 8th, we report the average number of cases per hundred thousand people during the period July 2nd to July 8th, etc. We use moving averages as opposed to raw data (such as the actual number of cases per million people on July 7th) because cases can increase or decrease dramatically on a particular day, making it difficult to see trends in the time series of interest. Moving averages help highlight these trends more clearly.

In order to calculate, for example, cases per hundred thousand people, we take the number of cases reported in a county for a day, divide by the 2019 census population for that county and then multiply by 1 hundred thousand. We do this because different counties have very different population sizes (Los Angeles County has approximately 10 million while Orange County has approximately 3 million) and we want to provide numbers which are comparable across counties.

Percent Positivity

For the OC cities we calculate percent positive tests using a 7 day moving window. For instance, on July 7th, we report the total number of positive tests in the last 7 days (from July 1st to July 7th) divided by the total number of tests administered in the last 7 days. We again use a 7 day window to account for dramatic increases and decreases on particular days.

Testing Data

The number of daily new cases depends not only on the number of infected individuals in the population, but also on the number of tests performed. It would be much better to plot the positivity ratio (positive cases divided by the total number of tests) instead of cases. Unfortunately, the number of Covid-19 diagnostic tests performed in a day is not available at a county level from the California Open Data Portal at this time. LA and OC counties do have testing data available (LA COVID-19 data, OC COVID-19 Data), but we prefer to use one data source for county level figures for now.


We used R software environment, tidyverse collection of R packages, workflowr R package, and QGIS geographic information system software.