Last updated: 2020-11-07

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This reproducible R Markdown analysis was created with workflowr (version 1.6.2). The Checks tab describes the reproducibility checks that were applied when the results were created. The Past versions tab lists the development history.

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Great job! The global environment was empty. Objects defined in the global environment can affect the analysis in your R Markdown file in unknown ways. For reproduciblity it’s best to always run the code in an empty environment.

The command set.seed(20200714) was run prior to running the code in the R Markdown file. Setting a seed ensures that any results that rely on randomness, e.g. subsampling or permutations, are reproducible.

Great job! Recording the operating system, R version, and package versions is critical for reproducibility.

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The results in this page were generated with repository version b9935a0. See the Past versions tab to see a history of the changes made to the R Markdown and HTML files.

Note that you need to be careful to ensure that all relevant files for the analysis have been committed to Git prior to generating the results (you can use wflow_publish or wflow_git_commit). workflowr only checks the R Markdown file, but you know if there are other scripts or data files that it depends on. Below is the status of the Git repository when the results were generated:

Ignored files:
    Ignored:    .Renviron

Untracked files:
    Untracked:  r_env.yml
    Untracked:  rebuild

Note that any generated files, e.g. HTML, png, CSS, etc., are not included in this status report because it is ok for generated content to have uncommitted changes.

These are the previous versions of the repository in which changes were made to the R Markdown (analysis/coastal-oc.Rmd) and HTML (docs/coastal-oc.html) files. If you’ve configured a remote Git repository (see ?wflow_git_remote), click on the hyperlinks in the table below to view the files as they were in that past version.

File Version Author Date Message
html b9935a0 markellekelly 2020-11-06 automatic update - 2020-11-06
html 0521670 markellekelly 2020-11-05 automatic update - 2020-11-05
html 8ecb0d7 vnminin 2020-11-04 again resolved silly html conflicts
html c558b0d markellekelly 2020-11-04 automatic update - 2020-11-04
html ddd7d03 Jessica George 2020-11-03 nov2-updates
html f1efa15 markellekelly 2020-11-03 automatic update - 2020-11-03
html cdda3c8 markellekelly 2020-11-02 automatic update - 2020-11-02
html f0eb03d markellekelly 2020-11-01 automatic update - 2020-11-01
html 734187b markellekelly 2020-10-31 automatic update - 2020-10-31
html 5efa82f markellekelly 2020-10-30 automatic update - 2020-10-30
html 853af28 markellekelly 2020-10-29 automatic update - 2020-10-29
html 2977434 markellekelly 2020-10-28 automatic update - 2020-10-28
html ae0d991 markellekelly 2020-10-27 automatic update - 2020-10-27
html c03f470 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-26 Oct 26 updates
html e27692a markellekelly 2020-10-26 automatic update - 2020-10-26
html 179b482 markellekelly 2020-10-25 automatic update - 2020-10-25
html 80b8055 markellekelly 2020-10-24 automatic update - 2020-10-24
html 6b6f62e markellekelly 2020-10-23 automatic update - 2020-10-23
html ae64517 markellekelly 2020-10-22 automatic update - 2020-10-22
html 74c516b markellekelly 2020-10-21 automatic update - 2020-10-21
html 1d49990 markellekelly 2020-10-20 automatic update - 2020-10-20
html 0c2be58 vnminin 2020-10-19 rebuilt because some maps were not showing up
html 149bf66 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 Rebuild with changes
html 6dda957 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 New maps and city trends
html 08d1e37 markellekelly 2020-10-19 automatic update - 2020-10-19
html 9bfe943 markellekelly 2020-10-18 automatic update - 2020-10-18
html 78e874b markellekelly 2020-10-17 automatic update - 2020-10-17
html cb0af7f markellekelly 2020-10-16 automatic update - 2020-10-16
html 6214d3e Damon Bayer 2020-10-16 Full rebuild
html e295ddb Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC 5 Most Populous Cities comparison
Rmd 604470a Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC cities comparison dropdown
html 604470a Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC cities comparison dropdown