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html b9935a0 markellekelly 2020-11-06 automatic update - 2020-11-06
html 0521670 markellekelly 2020-11-05 automatic update - 2020-11-05
html 8ecb0d7 vnminin 2020-11-04 again resolved silly html conflicts
html c558b0d markellekelly 2020-11-04 automatic update - 2020-11-04
html ddd7d03 Jessica George 2020-11-03 nov2-updates
html f1efa15 markellekelly 2020-11-03 automatic update - 2020-11-03
html cdda3c8 markellekelly 2020-11-02 automatic update - 2020-11-02
html f0eb03d markellekelly 2020-11-01 automatic update - 2020-11-01
html 734187b markellekelly 2020-10-31 automatic update - 2020-10-31
html 5efa82f markellekelly 2020-10-30 automatic update - 2020-10-30
html 853af28 markellekelly 2020-10-29 automatic update - 2020-10-29
html 2977434 markellekelly 2020-10-28 automatic update - 2020-10-28
html ae0d991 markellekelly 2020-10-27 automatic update - 2020-10-27
html c03f470 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-26 Oct 26 updates
html e27692a markellekelly 2020-10-26 automatic update - 2020-10-26
html 179b482 markellekelly 2020-10-25 automatic update - 2020-10-25
html 80b8055 markellekelly 2020-10-24 automatic update - 2020-10-24
html 6b6f62e markellekelly 2020-10-23 automatic update - 2020-10-23
html ae64517 markellekelly 2020-10-22 automatic update - 2020-10-22
html 74c516b markellekelly 2020-10-21 automatic update - 2020-10-21
html 1d49990 markellekelly 2020-10-20 automatic update - 2020-10-20
Rmd 2a89a8b vnminin 2020-10-19 updated map time stamps
html 2a89a8b vnminin 2020-10-19 updated map time stamps
html 0c2be58 vnminin 2020-10-19 rebuilt because some maps were not showing up
Rmd f2940c4 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 Adjusted map positions
html f2940c4 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 Adjusted map positions
html 149bf66 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 Rebuild with changes
Rmd 6dda957 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 New maps and city trends
html 6dda957 Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-19 New maps and city trends
html 08d1e37 markellekelly 2020-10-19 automatic update - 2020-10-19
html 9bfe943 markellekelly 2020-10-18 automatic update - 2020-10-18
html 78e874b markellekelly 2020-10-17 automatic update - 2020-10-17
html cb0af7f markellekelly 2020-10-16 automatic update - 2020-10-16
html 6214d3e Damon Bayer 2020-10-16 Full rebuild
html e295ddb Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC 5 Most Populous Cities comparison
html 604470a Thanasi Bakis 2020-10-15 Added OC cities comparison dropdown
html f475202 markellekelly 2020-10-15 automatic update - 2020-10-15
html 9542e72 vnminin 2020-10-15 rebuilt the website after la-norcal. -> la-norcal.html fix
html 115207e markellekelly 2020-10-14 automatic update - 2020-10-14
html 330df49 markellekelly 2020-10-13 automatic update - 2020-10-13
html c07d12e markellekelly 2020-10-12 automatic update - 2020-10-12
html fe159f4 markellekelly 2020-10-11 automatic update - 2020-10-11
html 02325d6 markellekelly 2020-10-10 automatic update - 2020-10-10
html 699c993 markellekelly 2020-10-09 automatic update - 2020-10-09
html 2e3d5e3 markellekelly 2020-10-08 automatic update - 2020-10-08
html ba2367e markellekelly 2020-10-07 automatic update - 2020-10-07
html c68c3ef markellekelly 2020-10-06 automatic update - 2020-10-06
html 179221b markellekelly 2020-10-05 automatic update - 2020-10-05
html 615814b Damon Bayer 2020-10-04 Fix Stay at Home label location
html 6bd7330 markellekelly 2020-10-04 automatic update - 2020-10-04
html f305160 markellekelly 2020-10-03 automatic update - 2020-10-03
html c8bae6d markellekelly 2020-10-02 automatic update - 2020-10-02
html c829b01 markellekelly 2020-10-01 automatic update - 2020-10-01
html c81c8f5 markellekelly 2020-09-30 add oc-cities
html 522513d markellekelly 2020-09-30 automatic update - 2020-09-30
html c2e9a01 markellekelly 2020-09-29 automatic update - 2020-09-29
html 5ada0ac markellekelly 2020-09-28 automatic update - 2020-09-28
html 10029b4 markellekelly 2020-09-27 automatic update - 2020-09-27
html 1453b97 markellekelly 2020-09-24 automatic update - 2020-09-24
html 8196bbf markellekelly 2020-09-23 automatic update - 2020-09-23
html fa99b64 markellekelly 2020-09-22 automatic update - 2020-09-22
html c661c7b markellekelly 2020-09-21 automatic update - 2020-09-21
html c926c92 markellekelly 2020-09-20 automatic update - 2020-09-20
html 805f322 markellekelly 2020-09-19 automatic update - 2020-09-19
html 2dfedff markellekelly 2020-09-18 automatic update - 2020-09-18
html 46d1c05 markellekelly 2020-09-17 automatic update - 2020-09-17
html 32397cb markellekelly 2020-09-16 automatic update - 2020-09-16
html 8a2d2d7 markellekelly 2020-09-15 automatic update - 2020-09-15
html 822d8a3 markellekelly 2020-09-14 automatic update - 2020-09-14
Rmd ca8f3dc Damon Bayer 2020-09-13 Update maps time stamps
html ca8f3dc Damon Bayer 2020-09-13 Update maps time stamps
html ef2f2be markellekelly 2020-09-12 automatic update - 2020-09-12
html f0cfcae markellekelly 2020-09-11 automatic update - 2020-09-11
html 7ad9506 markellekelly 2020-09-10 automatic update - 2020-09-10
html 51bc9d4 markellekelly 2020-09-09 automatic update - 2020-09-09
html 0c63951 markellekelly 2020-09-08 automatic update - 2020-09-08
html cb3b11a markellekelly 2020-09-07 automatic update - 2020-09-07
html ac05fe5 markellekelly 2020-09-06 automatic update - 2020-09-06
html b42a33b markellekelly 2020-09-05 automatic update - 2020-09-05
html a61fdd8 markellekelly 2020-09-04 automatic update - 2020-09-04
Rmd 27325c6 Damon Bayer 2020-09-03 August Maps
html 27325c6 Damon Bayer 2020-09-03 August Maps
html e2709b0 markellekelly 2020-09-03 automatic update - 2020-09-03
html 5296774 markellekelly 2020-09-02 automatic update - 2020-09-02
html 6048fdf markellekelly 2020-09-01 automatic update - 2020-09-01
html a27d38f markellekelly 2020-08-31 automatic update - 2020-08-31
html 74ceb0a markellekelly 2020-08-30 automatic update - 2020-08-30
html 44a84ad markellekelly 2020-08-29 automatic update - 2020-08-29
html 33918be markellekelly 2020-08-28 automatic update - 2020-08-28
html c2d1536 markellekelly 2020-08-27 automatic update - 2020-08-27
html c96e3f3 vnminin 2020-08-27 consistent message above trend plots
html cf421b9 markellekelly 2020-08-26 automatic update - 2020-08-26
html 9d099cd vnminin 2020-08-25 short dropdown menu names
html 726e8dc markellekelly 2020-08-25 automatic update - 2020-08-25
html e239a00 vnminin 2020-08-24 added a note about dropdown menus
html 518db49 Rachel Longjohn 2020-08-24 Merge branch ‘master’ into county-sets
html 2559f5d Rachel Longjohn 2020-08-24 add more county sets
html b79277f markellekelly 2020-08-24 automatic update - 2020-08-24
html f932f34 markellekelly 2020-08-23 automatic update - 2020-08-23
html eaad166 markellekelly 2020-08-22 automatic update - 2020-08-22
html 8b79b5e vnminin 2020-08-21 added Andrew as an additional media contact
html f30d34d markellekelly 2020-08-21 automatic update - 2020-08-21
html 7069376 markellekelly 2020-08-20 automatic update - 2020-08-20
html 223088a markellekelly 2020-08-19 automatic update - 2020-08-19
html 64a83bf markellekelly 2020-08-18 automatic update - 2020-08-18
html ae98627 vnminin 2020-08-14 daily date pull
html 24e4ed4 vnminin 2020-08-13 data update
html 616ee7e vnminin 2020-08-12 daily data update
html 8db6eb5 vnminin 2020-08-11 pushed a note about reporting system problems
html 0803f2b vnminin 2020-08-11 data update
html 19f2315 vnminin 2020-08-10 push with updated data
html a5927e7 vnminin 2020-08-09 rebuilding with new data
html fb0028a vnminin 2020-08-08 ca portal got data
html 9589b6d vnminin 2020-08-07 two time stamps
html 9648fc7 vnminin 2020-08-07 something
html 60756e0 Damon Bayer 2020-08-07 data update
html b3f0a7a vnminin 2020-08-06 rebuilding to fix testing not linking to itself
html 35e30c1 vnminin 2020-08-06 daily data update; I am a good robot
html 7334400 vnminin 2020-08-05 data update
html 6466f12 vnminin 2020-08-04 data pull and fixed the last date being cut off
html 5db0d2e vnminin 2020-08-03 data update
html 4afb037 vnminin 2020-08-02 forgot to republish
html e3847ed vnminin 2020-08-02 added testing maps
Rmd a2c2c61 vnminin 2020-08-01 added Software section to About
html a2c2c61 vnminin 2020-08-01 added Software section to About
Rmd 51fac09 vnminin 2020-08-01 added page headers to incidence and positive maps
html 51fac09 vnminin 2020-08-01 added page headers to incidence and positive maps
html a873dd5 vnminin 2020-08-01 data update
Rmd e024ad3 Damon Bayer 2020-07-31 Positivity Maps + Navigation Updates
html e024ad3 Damon Bayer 2020-07-31 Positivity Maps + Navigation Updates

Number of COVID-19 cases mapped to OC zip codes

Data provided by the Orange County Health Care Agency.

Last updated 2020-10-11.

R version 3.6.1 (2019-07-05)
Platform: x86_64-conda_cos6-linux-gnu (64-bit)
Running under: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

Matrix products: default
BLAS/LAPACK: /home/kmarke/anaconda3/envs/issue-216/lib/

 [1] LC_CTYPE=en_US       LC_NUMERIC=C         LC_TIME=en_US       
 [7] LC_PAPER=en_US       LC_NAME=C            LC_ADDRESS=C        

attached base packages:
[1] stats     graphics  grDevices utils     datasets  methods   base     

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
 [1] Rcpp_1.0.5      whisker_0.4     knitr_1.29      magrittr_1.5   
 [5] workflowr_1.6.2 R6_2.4.1        rlang_0.4.7     stringr_1.4.0  
 [9] tools_3.6.1     xfun_0.16       git2r_0.27.1    htmltools_0.5.0
[13] ellipsis_0.3.1  yaml_2.2.1      digest_0.6.25   rprojroot_1.3-2
[17] tibble_3.0.3    lifecycle_0.2.0 crayon_1.3.4    later_1.1.0.1  
[21] vctrs_0.3.2     fs_1.5.0        promises_1.1.1  glue_1.4.1     
[25] evaluate_0.14   rmarkdown_2.3   stringi_1.4.6   compiler_3.6.1 
[29] pillar_1.4.6    backports_1.1.8 httpuv_1.5.4    pkgconfig_2.0.3