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Ignored files:
    Ignored:    .Rhistory
    Ignored:    .Rproj.user/
    Ignored:    analysis/.Rhistory
    Ignored:    analysis/bernoulli_poisson_process_cache/

Untracked files:
    Untracked:  _workflowr.yml
    Untracked:  analysis/CI.Rmd
    Untracked:  analysis/gibbs_structure.Rmd
    Untracked:  analysis/libs/
    Untracked:  analysis/results.Rmd
    Untracked:  analysis/shiny/tester/
    Untracked:  docs/MH_intro_files/
    Untracked:  docs/citations.bib
    Untracked:  docs/figure/MH_intro.Rmd/
    Untracked:  docs/figure/hmm.Rmd/
    Untracked:  docs/hmm_files/
    Untracked:  docs/libs/
    Untracked:  docs/shiny/tester/

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File Version Author Date Message
html dbcff1f stephens999 2019-01-23 Build site.
Rmd 7a0ba80 stephens999 2019-01-23 workflowr::wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html 3c642ff stephens999 2018-05-17 Build site.
Rmd e8e0399 stephens999 2018-05-17 wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html ccb9962 stephens999 2018-05-03 Build site.
Rmd 5530e01 stephens999 2018-05-03 workflowr::wflow_publish(“analysis/index.Rmd”)
html 6053d26 stephens999 2018-04-23 Build site.
Rmd 1077c97 stephens999 2018-04-23 workflowr::wflow_publish(c(“analysis/index.Rmd”, “analysis/MH_intro.Rmd”,
html 30630b2 stephens999 2018-04-23 Build site.
Rmd 5c310c2 stephens999 2018-04-23 MH_intro.Rmd
html f995d0a stephens999 2018-04-23 Build site.
Rmd a7ec7b7 stephens999 2018-04-23 workflowr::wflow_publish(c(“analysis/index.Rmd”,
html d251967 stephens999 2018-04-23 Build site.
Rmd 9e15ba0 stephens999 2018-04-23 workflowr::wflow_publish(c(“analysis/index.Rmd”,
html d41d022 stephens999 2017-04-24 Build site.
Rmd f012c1d stephens999 2017-04-24 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html c1d0c3f stephens999 2017-04-17 update index
Rmd 72ef4ea stephens999 2017-04-17 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html c7e182b stephens999 2017-04-17 Build site.
Rmd 9f09eca stephens999 2017-04-17 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html 34bcc51 John Blischak 2017-03-06 Build site.
Rmd 2aa70fe John Blischak 2017-03-06 Manually udpate some Rmd files.
html fb0f6e3 stephens999 2017-03-03 Merge pull request #33 from mdavy86/f/review
html 20c6639 stephens999 2017-02-20 Build site.
Rmd d20b048 stephens999 2017-02-20 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html 9778b49 stephens999 2017-02-20 Build site.
Rmd 592db57 stephens999 2017-02-20 Files commited by wflow_commit.
Rmd 02d2d36 stephens999 2017-02-20 add shiny binomial example
html 02d2d36 stephens999 2017-02-20 add shiny binomial example
html 48bf85f stephens999 2017-01-28 Build site.
Rmd ca3b3b6 stephens999 2017-01-28 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html fbfa018 stephens999 2017-01-28 Build site.
Rmd 2c4f22e stephens999 2017-01-28 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html a19b65a stephens999 2017-01-24 Build site.
Rmd fc0336e stephens999 2017-01-24 Files commited by wflow_commit.
html c3b365a John Blischak 2017-01-02 Build site.
Rmd ae24830 stephens999 2016-09-04 add example of computing LR on different data
Rmd 966d6f6 stephens999 2016-05-17 Merge branch ‘gh-pages’ of into jhmarcus-gh-pages
Rmd 6bb4560 stephens999 2016-05-12 add gibbs sampling example
Rmd a72861e stephens999 2016-05-02 add integral
Rmd 153e684 stephens999 2016-05-02 add IS
Rmd 8466ce3 stephens999 2016-05-02 add gibbs sampling example
Rmd 47f75ca stephens999 2016-04-20 add BF and p value comparison
Rmd c5e07f5 Xiao Nan 2016-04-13 add shiny conjugate normal app link to index
Rmd ed83285 jhmarcus 2016-04-07 added popgen section to index and wright_fisher tutorials
Rmd f1dd5fc stephens999 2016-04-04 update index
Rmd 106d322 mbonakda 2016-02-24 add new notes to index
Rmd 294d219 stephens999 2016-02-16 add normal markov chain example
Rmd be2da01 stephens999 2016-02-15 add multivariate normal
Rmd 0ba385e mbonakda 2016-02-06 update index
Rmd d1b8aae jnovembre 2016-02-05 Changed sub-headings
Rmd dce7ece jnovembre 2016-02-05 modified index.html to add Poisson process and fix typo
Rmd 1187afb mbonakda 2016-02-02 fix typos
Rmd ac0ba21 mbonakda 2016-02-02 add to index
Rmd 313901b jnovembre 2016-01-31 Modified index and added html
Rmd ad8b7b5 mbonakda 2016-01-30 update names
Rmd 4e0c4fd mbonakda 2016-01-30 update index
Rmd 4335247 mbonakda 2016-01-23 fix index typo
Rmd 9d4269b mbonakda 2016-01-23 add simulating discrete chains to index
Rmd b0339a9 stephens999 2016-01-19 update index
Rmd 9156677 stephens999 2016-01-19 add multiclass example
Rmd ff6b857 mbonakda 2016-01-12 add asymptotic normality of MLE and wilks
Rmd 3ee2cf4 stephens999 2016-01-12 add likelihood function
Rmd d6f4bea stephens999 2016-01-12 add examples
Rmd 6feeb2e stephens999 2016-01-11 update index
Rmd 8b7278d stephens999 2016-01-11 add LR for continuous data
Rmd 93476ef stephens999 2016-01-07 update LR to make clear it is for discrete data
Rmd 8f61232 stephens999 2016-01-07 add simple LR example
Rmd f1b8c7c stephens999 2016-01-05 add likelihood and loglikelihood
Rmd 90df5f8 stephens999 2016-01-05 tidy up material related to ashlar by removing much of it
Rmd d3c8f4e jhsiao999 2015-12-12 fix typo
Rmd 10bba89 jhsiao999 2015-12-12 add tutorial
Rmd 99f4499 jhsiao999 2015-12-12 add a Rmarkdown example
Rmd 1b891a0 jhsiao999 2015-12-12 first commit


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