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Rmd 695e202 Lambda Moses 2018-12-14 Changed name to BUSpaRse
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Rmd 37238e5 Lambda Moses 2018-12-14 Link to this GitHub repo on the website
html 2da3b35 Lambda Moses 2018-12-14 Build site.
Rmd 1fc3e91 Lambda Moses 2018-12-14 Publish 10xv2 notebook
Rmd 55164fb Lambda Moses 2018-12-14 Start workflowr project.

bustools R notebooks

This repository has example notebooks that demonstrate usage of kallisto bus to generate gene count or (transcript compatibility count) TCC matrices from FASTQ files and some basic downstream analyses. To run the notebooks, please install kallisto, bustools, and the BUSpaRse R package.


1k 1:1 Mixture of Fresh Frozen Human (HEK293T) and Mouse (NIH3T3) Cells (10x v2 chemistry); demonstration of bustools

1k PBMCs from a Healthy Donor (10x v3 chemistry); demonstration of TENxBUSData and BUSpaRse

RNA velocity with 10k E18 mouse neurons from 10x (coming soon)

Differential expression with equivalence classes in TCC matrix (coming soon)