Adding generate action to XCode

Following these few simple steps, you can integrate mock generation with XCode, triggering it by key shortcut.

1. Prepare mock shell script

Create file in project root directory, that will execute mock generation. We are wrapping all mock tasks in Rakefile, so we can just trigger rake mock.



swiftymocky generate

Make it executable, by executing in terminal:

chmod +x

2. Add XCode behavior with key bindings

  1. Open settings (⌘ ,)
  2. Navigate to Behaviors tab
  3. Tap little + on bottom of the behaviors list
  4. Name your behavior (like “Generate Mock”)
  5. Press (cmd) icon on the right part of added behavior entry.
  6. Record shortcut
  7. Select Run checkbox
  8. Choose script from disk (If it is grayed out - it means it is not enabled to be executed. Look to step 1)
  9. [optional] change sound notification, which will play when mock generation is finished

Adding generate behavior

3. Useage

Execute recorded shortcut, and watch stuff being done :)