How to setup SwiftyMocky

First, install CLI as described in Command Line Interface section.

Then, you can use:

> swiftymocky setup # For automatic setup (preferred)


> swiftymocky init # Just generate placeholder for Mockfile you can fill manually

It is also worth to look into Mockfile section.

Generate mocks:

Annotate your protocols that are going to be mocked, making them adopt AutoMockable protocol, or adding annotation comment above their definition in the source code.

Mocks are generated from your project root directory, based on configuration inside Mockfile.

> swiftymocky doctor    # validate your setup
> swiftymocky generate  # generate mocks

Don’t forget to add generated files like Mock.generated.swift to your test target :)

Marking protocols to be mocked

1. AutoMockable protocol

Create dummy protocol for you project:

protocol AutoMockable { }

Every protocol in source directories, inheriting (directly!) from AutoMockable, will be added to Mock.generated.swift, like:

protocol ToBeMocked: AutoMockable {
  // ...

2. AutoMockable annotation

Mark protocols that are meant to be mocked with sourcery annotation as following:

//sourcery: AutoMockable
protocol ToBeMocked {
  // ...

Every protocol in source directories, having this annotation, will be added to Mock.generated.swift

@objc protocols are also supported, but needs to be explicitly marked with ObjcProtocol annotation:

//sourcery: AutoMockable
//sourcery: ObjcProtocol
@objc protocol NonSwiftProtocol {
  // ...

3. Manual annotation

In some rare cases, when you don’t want to use Mock.generated.swift, or need to add some additional code to generated mock, you can create base for mock implementation yourself. It will look something like following:

import Foundation
import SwiftyMocky
import XCTest
@testable import TestedApp

// sourcery: mock = "ToBeMocked"
class SomeCustomMock: ToBeMocked, Mock {
  Your custom code can go here

  // sourcery:inline:auto:ToBeMocked.autoMocked

  Generated code goes here...

  // sourcery:end

Note: Please have in mind, that definition of MockyAssert used in generated mocks is placed in Mock.generated.swift. Even when using only manual annotations, please add this file to your target.