Known issues

Please always check, if your problem is not related to feature being not supported - for that we have Supported Features section.

1. Ambiguity caused by multiple modules

Considering situation as following:

// Module A
class Entity { /*..*/ }
// Module B
class Entity { /*..*/ }
// App
import A

class Entity { /*..*/ } // Shadows entity

protocol ToBeMocked {
    func convert(_ entity: Entity) -> A.Entity // It is App.Entity -> A.Entity
import B

protocol OtherProtocol {
    func isValid(_ entity: Entity) -> Bool // It is B.Entity

In the generated mock, Entity would be on the same level as A.Entity and B.Entity, so generated mocks would have ambigious types. Similar happend if two There are two ways to resolve that:

  1. Use full names if possible, so B.Entity instead of just Entity
  2. Use additional annotation above protocol or method, to tell SwiftyMocky to translate types: //sourcery: typealias = "Entity = B.Entity" for example.

1. When triggering generation - error about modules in different swift versions appears

This seems to be a problem with Swift abi. Either download/build Sourcery binary manually, or use prebuilt sourcery versions from:

The best solution is to install SwiftyMocky CLI and mint, and generate with swiftymocky generate

2. Matcher [FATAL] error for Equatable / Sequence types

This happens usually for generic mocks - seems that wrapping generic methods causes breaking default resolving of generic contraints, and you might end up seeing something like [FATAL] No registered matcher comparator for <ValueType> even when ValueType conforms to Equatable, or is a Collection of objects conforming to Equatable.

As for now - the only valid solution is to add comparators for these types. There are convenience methods on matcher, that allows simple adding of comparators for types conforming to Equatable or Sequence.

See Generics section for more informations.

3. Generated Mock breaks

When methods has labels or attributes names that are either escaped using `, or are matching Swift keywords like for, while, guard .... For now - we advise not to use that. It will be resolved in the future.